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Portia J. Alight

The debut collection "DARING" design 100% mulberry silk scarf

The debut collection "DARING" design 100% mulberry silk scarf

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Original hand drawn illustrations by Portia J. Alight printed on 100% mulberry silk scarves. This is one of 40 limited edition prints of Portia J. Alight’s first ever collection. These scarves will never be reprinted as you are buying wearable art! (Each scarf comes with a hand written gold embellished card with unique print number and customized message.)

100% 6A grade, 83 gsm silk, the highest quality silk available. At Portia J. Alight, we believe in using the most splendid silk just as established couture houses did in the past. Feel the heavenly silkiness glide against your skin!

Produced in Como, Italy all the way from raw material to luxurious finished scarf. Quality that lasts for generations to come while also being considerate of our present day environment with lower transportation energy usage.


Use of OEKO-TEX certified dyes and no chemical finishing. You can feel great knowing this scarf will be safe on you and your loved one’s skin and for the planet.

A scarf, shirt, hair accessory, bag, belt, and more all in one! Satisfy your inner creative fashionista by styling this piece in any way you can imagine! The versatility of this shapeshifter is an ally to your wallet and to the rise of sustainable slow fashion practices.

Elegant gold foil embellished packaging. Whether you are buying this piece for yourself or someone else, this truly feels like an exquisite gift.

Original Illustration created by: Portia J. Alight

100% mulberry silk scarf

100cm x 100cm

Made in Italy

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