Dear beautiful friends,

I created my brand Portia J. Alight to celebrate our divinely beautiful and unique selves!

To honour our limitless spirits that are daring and sweet, fun and elegant, playful and fearless.

It is my dream that by me expressing me I create wearable art that becomes part of you expressing you.

So I invite you to peruse my limited edition silk scarf prints and find a piece that speaks to you. Perhaps you'll find one a loved one will adore too!

Sincerely yours,

Portia J. Alight

The "Peaceful Presents" Collection

The "Peaceful Presents" collection

The "Peaceful Presents" collection was created to embody the precious moments when you feel serene and joy in the present. Each hand drawn illustration depict moments when I feel at peace including four main illustrations and additional painted motifs to compliment them. My hope is that you are enveloped in peace and comfort as you feel the most luxurious mulberry silk against your skin. These scarves are sure to bring you and your loved ones joy as the statement piece or finessed finishing touch to your outfits.

This collection is inspired by my Asian heritage and my most recent trip to Japan and Korea. Beyond the illustrations, the textile print of each size of scarf was created with harmony and balance in mind, taking elements of calligraphy scrolls, the yin yang symbol, and the continuity of circular design. The orientation of the illustrations was also considered depending on the way each size can be worn, ensuring you love every inch/cm of your new silk scarf.

Illustrations include: Op. #1 Japanese Onsen, Op. #2 Stroke of the moment, Op. #3 The Scent of Now, and Op. #4 Ah... that's the stuff (inspired by the contentment of our cherished little furry friends). Little hand painted motifs of red-crowned cranes, roses, carnation, and butterflies were created to compliment the serenely illustrated scenes. I am beyond excited for you to wear these scarves as your own and to gift them to those you love!

The "Sweet and Daring" collection

This is my first ever silk scarf collection! Original hand painted fashion illustrations created by yours truly, Portia J. Alight, using fountain pen, India Ink, and watercolours. Featuring a select number of limited edition prints. These scarves are works of art! All our silk scarf prints are produced in Como, Italy on 100% grade 6A mulberry silk, the highest quality silk possible.

It is my dream that by me expressing me, I create wearable art that becomes part of you expressing you!

Wear these luxurious scarves as a silk top, chic hair accessory, stylish purse or tote bag, belt, lavish head covering, scarf, and in any other way you can imagine! The ultimate and versatile wardrobe classic. A classic that will last for generations.