Portia J. Alight

Portia J. Alight is a fashion student at Toronto Metropolitan University. Formerly a ballerina in Toronto and Amsterdam, she decided to switch paths and express her creativity and passion through fashion.

She believes in celebrating our individual uniqueness and expressing this through what we wear. Realizing the challenge of finding clothing uncompromising in quality and in fun yet elegant designs prompted her to create her own brand, which launched in April of 2023. Having fallen in love with fashion illustration, it is a dream come true for her to see her art shared in a meaningful and stylish way!

A fan of celebrating multifaceted personalities and multifaceted hobbies, you can catch her doing hip hop grooves, bartending, and stopping to smell the flowers in her free time. To Portia, being a go getter who also savours the present joys in life is what it's is all about!